[Doctor Who] S07E10: Journey to the Centre of the Tardis

Watch Date: 2019-09-06

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • More of ‘The TARDIS doesn’t like Clara’ but without letting on if this is just a running gag or a plot point for something that’s going to become important in the season finale.
  • As twists go, that one was kind of… meh.
  • We get a small tease about the Doctor’s real name, again.
  • But even more interesting than that was the design and visual aspects of the library. The encyclopedia in liquid form made me remember Alice in Wonderland and its “Drink me” bottles while I was watching it – and I suppose that is more to do with Clara being a short girl in a magical place – and then, once I was done watching, I also remembered that Haroun and the Sea of Stories also lets you drink a story.
  • Was the cardboard Tardis in the library the one Amy made as a little girl? If so, that gives off vibes of the Batcave with Jason Todd’s Robin suit on display; and how new Robins react to it – am I thinking of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns specifically?
  • I think The Doctor’s Wife has cast a very long shadow, and though that was a one-off story, and this is a one-off story, by different writers, it’s hard to think of the TARDIS doing anything on her own without thinking back to that episode and trying to knit them together.
  • I wish the ‘Don’t get into a box with a madman’ self-destruct plot had delivered instead of being resolved with ‘Oh, I was just kidding.’ Actually, I’m unsure about it. I like that Moffat’s Doctor is a trickster and doesn’t resort to violence, but the way this was handled was both in character but quite unsatisfying. And maybe doing a get-things-done-or-I-blow-us-all-up routine would still be in character for a Doctor who might not be quite over losing Amy and still sees Clara as a puzzle more than a companion.


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