[Doctor Who] S07E12: Nightmare in Silver

Watch Date: 2019-09-07

Watched On: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • Ooh, a Neil Gaiman episode!
  • Bah, a paint-by-numbers Neil Gaiman story. I think I’ve just gotten too used to his style by now. But the big reveal about Emperor Porridge and all his subsequent banter both felt like it was typical Gaiman, and that it was nothing more than what he’d done in the past. But this is a major drop in quality compared to ‘The Doctor’s Wife.’
  • I only just made the connection between Clara the nanny and Susan Sto Helit the governess. In this episode we both get to see both being icy calm and supremely capable.
  • From “You’re too short and your nose is funny” to “Mystery wrapped in an enigma in a skirt that’s too tight.” Thu ninajji, doctor.
  • The Cybermen are boring villains, really. Daleks with less iconic voices. But this episode did make them mildly more interesting.
  • The Doctor vs Cyberplanner double role lay somewhere between hamming and terrifying. Schroedinger’s ham. Schroedinger’s pig?
  • Now, giving Gaiman the benefit of the doubt, I wonder what his original script had that the budget just didn’t live up to.

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