[Doctor Who] 2013 Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor

Watch Date: 2019-09-09

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • It was about forty minutes of buildup that dragged, and twenty minutes that actually had an emotional impact.
  • I’m a little pissed at the voiceover narration; weeks of reading avclub and comments is probably making me sourer about exposition than is fair.
  • But the voiceover narration is actually not as bad as Tasha Lem closing off two seasons worth of plot threads – both the crack in the universe and the Silence – in one three minute speech. Pfft.
  • The last twenty minutes had so many lovely pithy lines about aging and changing.
  • “Never tell me the rules” in particular really captures the Eleventh Doctor.
  • “Grant me one last life saved” also hit home.
  • But cripes, what a deus ex machina.
  • I think another repeated theme all across the Eleventh Doctor’s run has been children. Meeting Amelia Pond, Clara’s charges in various incarnations, the Children of Gallifrey and the big retcon, and now the Doctor ready to die, surrounded by children and their drawings.
  • Being a toymaker is also a bit of a call back and subversion of the line in the season finale about wanting to retire to beekeeping or something rather than dying in battle on Trenzalore. He made it to Trenzalore, and became a toymaker.
  • Spending three hundred years in one place is so out of character that this could be a What If / Elseworlds equivalent story that got pulled into main continuity.

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