[Simblified] Ep. 139: How to travel on a desi budget (with Utsav Mamoria) – Part 2

Ep. 139: How to travel on a desi budget (with Utsav Mamoria) – Part 2

24/06/2019 by IVM Podcasts

Web player: http://podplayer.net/?id=74214360
Episode: http://traffic.libsyn.com/simblified/E139Simblified.mp3?dest-id=359939

This is part 2 of our chat with Utsav Mamoria, on travel. Make sure you check out Part 1 here – https://ivm.today/SIMB-137 Chuck and Naren talk to Utsav Mamoria, who makes his third appearance (!) on the show. The last time, he spoke about how he was preparing for a 3-month sabbatical (Episode 85) – this time, he’s back and is ready to share his experiences, stories and most importantly – tips for those who want to travel on a budget. A desi budget. Utsav finished an enviable itinerary at a cost you won’t believe. He is hard at work on his travel book, as well – make sure you check it out later in the year. We talk about budgeting for flights, stay, food, sightseeing and more. This is less ‘Simblification’ and more ‘chat with a person very passionate about travel’. He also slips in some beautiful stories, and evangelizes slow travel, as opposed to trying to check off as many items as possible in a day. Follow Utsav and his travel stories (trust us, this is different from other ‘pretty pictures only’ travel accounts): instagram.com/whywetravel42 Recommended by Utsav:
Airline Ticketing: Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo, Hoppr, Google Flights
Booking Stay: Booking.com, AirBnB, Hostelbookers, Hostelworld, Couchsurfing

Listen Date: 2019-05-05


  • No notes really. A fun conversation to listen to, without any points that I really wanted to pull over and note down.
  • OK, one note. I was amused at how much Chuck and Utsav despised package tours but still tried to not be judgmental about them, or any potential listeners who might like them.

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