[Doctor Who] S08E01: Deep Breath

Start Date: 2019-10-05

Finish Date: 2019-10-06

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb link.

Prime Video description: The Doctor and Clara arrive in Victorian London and find a dinosaur rampant in the Thames.


  • Long ago, when Peter Capaldi was announced as the next Doctor, I knew only about Tennant and Smith and was wondering why they picked somebody so old, and had my gravest doubts. But this episode, which I’m watching five years late (and probably six years after the announcement) – has me rooting for Capaldi. He’s delightful as a confused Scottish alien. Though I do hope that the confusion dissipates.
  • As for the plot – bah. I feel as though having to introduce the new Doctor made Steven Moffatt lazily reach back to his greatest hits to bring back the villain of the week. To be fair, in The Girl in the Fireplace we never explored how grisly organ harvesting could be in the moment, while this episode focused on that, but it still seemed so rehashed – especially when the Doctor couldn’t remember the connection. Is that going to be a series long thing, or is his memory coming back going to be a plot point? Waiting to see.
  • This is the episode where Strax started to drag for me.
  • Clara in Victorian clothing reminded me of Pratchett’s line about a bustle being an extra bum. Trying to search for that line took me instead to bustle.com’s guide to butt plugs. Ayyo.
  • I hereby voice my disapproval of “We’re married, you don’t have to flirt with me any more.” Flirting should not stop after marriage!
  • I wish we’d seen what eventually happened with Clara in the classroom in her flashback.
  • Is the question of whether the Doctor pushed the robot or he jumped going to be one of this season’s little mysteries? Goody! Knowing Moffatt, it’ll probably be a third option, but I’m curious to see what the answer is.
  • Watching five years late means I have been spoiled already about the big villain and who she is, but even so, I got excited at seeing her show up right at the beginning of the season – no more anthologies or half-hearted series arcs.
  • “The Doctor chose this appearance because he trusts you enough to not have to pretend to be young any more” – hmmm. Interesting, but I’m not sure it’s convincing enough. Let’s see.
  • Are we going to have three years of jokes about Peter Capaldi’s eyebrows after three years of jokes about Matt Smith’s chin? Well, why not. English accents being a fault was much more funny. Is Peter Capaldi actually Scottish?


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