[Our Fake History] Episode #92- Why Deny the Moon Landings? (Part II)

Episode #92- Why Deny the Moon Landings? (Part II)

17/07/2019 by Sebastian Major

Web player: http://podplayer.net/?id=76097097
Episode: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/traffic.libsyn.com/ourfakehistory/Episode_92-_Why_Deny_the_Moon_Landings_Part_II.mp3?dest-id=367678

The foundational text for all moon landing conspiracy theories is a humble little book called We Never Went To The Moon. It was self-published by the author, Bill Kaysing, in 1976 and soon became the de-facto bible of moon landing deniers. In this book Kaysing collects a handful of anomalous photographs, suggestive quotes, and common sense arguments that help him build a case against the reality of the moon landings. How well does Kaysing’s “evidence” stand-up to scrutiny in 2019? Tune in and find out how suicidal astronauts, Watergate, and joy of RVing all play a role in the story. Get Our Fake History Merch Here: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/our-fake-history?ref_id=9701

Listen Date: 2019-10-06


  • The debunking of Kaysing’s evidence – such as it is – is done in pretty short order – which is fine, considering Kaysing didn’t even have much evidence. But the things which stood out for me were:
  • Kaysing saying “Yes, this is a conspiracy. Now let’s go enjoy camping in the great outdoors!” and how quaint Sebastian Major found it compared to today’s furious conspiracy theorists.
  • How Watergate created an atmosphere of mistrust for the government, in which conspiracy theories could take root and flourish, no matter how absurd. I shudder to think what the mistrust (but also excessive gullibility) current regimes have, will lead to in terms of pernicious conspiracy theories twenty years down the line.
  • I also remembered the xkcd strip about how ‘Kubrick was such a perfectionist, he made NASA do the moon launch so that he could do location shooting’ and giggled, especially when the “Building lasers to perfectly get the shadows parallel would have cost more than the moon landing itself” bit came up.



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