[Doctor Who] S08E03: Robot of Sherwood

Watch Date: 2019-10-08

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • The twelfth Doctor is awesomely grumpy, and that’s a sea change from the two Doctors before him. I’m not sure if I buy it – though it’s fun to watch.
  • Oddly, I didn’t think much of this episode when I was watching it, but this morning I was reading Interesting Times, and that’s when I saw a connection – Cohen the Barbarian and Saveloy fighting over whether they’re real or legends, and Robin Hood being delighted to end up as a legend. And the Doctor a little less so.
  • But the whole “Maybe we will be stories” explicitly stated in the episode is a little too meta for my taste, especially when episode after episode does that nudge nudge wink wink ‘aren’t we all so self-aware’ routine. Once in a while would be okay.
  • I had a hard time believing that thirteenth century English people were all so tall, good looking, unfeudalistic in outlook and conversation, and healthy. At least the good weather got lampshaded.


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