Dear Girls [Ali Wong]

Start Date: 2018-09-26

Finish Date: 2018-09-28

Source: Kindle India ebook, purchased by wife

Goodreads link.


  • I shamelessly read my wife’s copy on her Kindle
  • I enjoyed it overall, but most of it has now slipped through my memory; and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody over the standup specials
  • I’m charmed by her husband, though, what a cute half-Japanese hippie guy
  • think that the father-in-law’s show used to be on Star Plus way back in the day – between 1992 and 1994, I think, when my grandma had cable TV and I didn’t. But it also got drowned out in all the cartoons and I never really thought of it as something to tune in for. (I think one of the Degrassi iterations – or an Australian ripoff – also used to be in that lineup.)
  • Shivani said she wanted to get an Audible trial just so she could hear Ali Wong narrate the audiobook and get the Ali Wong humour with the Ali Wong cadence. A very good plan, in my opinion.

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