[Flash Forward] CRIME: I Can See My House From Here!

CRIME: I Can See My House From Here!

20/08/2019 by Rose Eveleth

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Today we travel to a future where satellites can catch criminals.

Guests: Sarah Parcak, professor of anthropology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and author of Archaeology from Space: How the Future Shapes our Past Jamon Van Den Hoek, professor of geography at Oregon State University Wenyao Xu, professor of computer science at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo
Actors: Evan Johnson as Mr. Morton Charlie Chalmers as Charlie Grace Nelligan as Grace David Romero as David Ash Greenberg as Ash Santos Flores as Santos Ava Ausman as Ava Sidney Perry-Thistle as Sidney Arthur Benjamin as Arthur
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Flash Forward is produced by me, Rose Eveleth. The intro music is by Asura and the outtro music is by Hussalonia. The episode art is by Matt Lubchansky. Special thanks to Veronica Simonetti and Erin Laetz at the Women’s Audio Mission, where all the intro scenes were recorded this season. Special thanks also to Evan Johnson who played Mr. Morton and also coordinated the actors of the Junior Acting Troupe who play the students in the intros this season.

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Listen date: early November


  • I got a little annoyed at the wokeness of ‘white people telling locals how things should be done is not okay and was never okay.’ Hiring white consultants to tell me what to do to boost productivity is vital in my business. All things being equal, having a foreign expert who achieves better outcomes than you do, tell you what to do, is a pretty good idea.
  • I’m also a little exasperated at the sacred site discussion beacuse I suspect that whenever you listen to ‘communities’ about their sacred sites, you’ll actually be listening to a bunch of religious gatekeepers who’re keeping the rest of the community, or another community, down. Especially in India.
  • But the point of how you can use remote sensing to find where exactly refugees have settled, and that knowledge spreading can lead to things going horribly wrong, was… on point.
  • “Sarah’s working on a project with the Indian government.” – who’s the mostly white foreigner now? Tumhara ishq ishq, hamara ishq sex.
  • The heartbeat monitoring is scary, but I suspect it might just be a scam as well. And considering that she made the point in an upcoming episode about how we’ve never really proved that fingerprints are unique and non-repeating, I’m a little surprised that Rose Eveleth accepted this guy’s premise that heartbeats are unique, so uncritically.
  • All in all, the privacy aspects were less interesting in this episode than the tangentially connected aspects like sacred sites and what not.

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