[Doctor Who] S08E06: The Caretaker

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

Watch Date: 27 November 2019

IMDb link.


  • I’m delighted that Danny Pink has finally been promoted from prop and gotten character development and a plotline to himself.
  • Was the PE teacher bit a call back to Classic Who? Without the context, it just seems like a weird note.
  • For a change, my reaction to echoed dialogue was to groan a bit at it being overused; rather than to marvel at its cleverness.
  • “You might have to develop a conscience of your own.” Ouch.
  • So, I didn’t really think of this until after the episode was over and I started annotating – if the Doctor thinks Adrian looks like the Eleventh Doctor, and that’s why Clara likes him… eek, what vanity. Which is more typical of the Eleventh Doctor than Capaldi.
  • An episode from Gareth Roberts that isn’t about a dead author! But he did sneak in some Shakespeare, and Austen. The rant about Austen and Vogons was joyous, though.
  • Eleventh Doctor themes both when Danny Pink sees the Tardis, and in the preview for the next episode. Oho.
  • Danny Pink reacting deadpan to the Tardis was a bit like Rory.
  • The “He wanted to see if I’m good enough for you” line was quite awww.


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