[Doctor Who] S08E07: Kill The Moon

IMDb link.

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

Watch date: 2019-11-28


  • Wow. That was… something.
  • So, I don’t even get just why Clara flipped out so much on this occasion. Either I missed how traumatic that decision was to her (which could be bad acting or scripting or editing, or bad viewing on my part) – or it was the straw that broke her back. But… damn.
  • Was it having to make the decision at all, or that being put in that position with no warning?
  • I really cannot imagine Amy, or any of the RTD Companions telling the Doctor to go jump in a lake the way Clara did. Suddenly, she isn’t generic any more.
  • I think this is the first episode where the 12th Doctor’s theme has really sunk in for me.
  • In a way, this story was uncomfortably like an abortion allegory. Will you nuke the hatching moon-beast to save the Earth? Will you abort the baby to save the life of the mother? Given that parallel, I’m not super thrilled about Clara’s choice.
  • The science was ridiculous. Giant spider like bacteria? OK then. The moon increases mass by 1.3 billion tons? Where did the egg get the extra mass from, exactly? But, eh, okay, I’m happy to regard this as a fairy tale and move on.


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