[Doctor Who] S08E09: Flatline

Watch Date: 2019-11-29

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • Well, that was another good episode. That’s a long, long streak of consistency.
  • Flatland, but monsters!
  • The “You were exceptional, goodness had nothing to do with it” line is clever and fits the motif of the season, but how on earth does it actually work? Why wasn’t Clara good? She saved Rigsy, she saved the world, and she was pretty kind to almost everybody.
  • This is a bit like Voyage of the Damned, with the asshole making it out alive.
  • How delicious to see Peter Capaldi yelling that he’s the man who stops the monsters.
  • “I name you the Boneless!” Was this before or after all the boneless pizza memes? Know your meme says those date to 2017, so well after this episode.


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