[Doctor Who] S08E10: In The Forest of the Night

Watch Date: 2019-11-29

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • Maeve Arden. Because it’s the forest. Gettit? Gettit?
  • I’m really enjoying how the Danny-Clara-Doctor dynamics are playing out.
  • Again, the science is bloody ridiculous, but it’s a great fairy tale.
  • And speaking of fairy tale, “It’s not a magic wand!” as a response to the show’s magic wand substitute was fun.
  • Danny’s speech at the end about seeing the universe in one person was very sweet, but also a bit existentialist; and kind of a theme that Pratchett draws on.

Unrelated to this particular episode, but a realisation I had about Doctor Who in general, is that because regeneration is built into the show, the series finale will always end up, in a way, mirroring or remixing the end of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. But then, Gaiman would have written Sandman after at least six Doctors of the classic series, so maybe he also drew on Doctor Who for Sandman? That massive document about how Sandman is about continuity itself, versus how much Doctor Who revels in ignoring continuity, might help in exploring this thought further.

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