[Doctor Who] S09E11: Dark Water

Watch Date: 2019-12-01

Watched On: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • The early bits reminded me of Soul Music and TO CHANGE THE FATE OF ONE INDIVIDUAL IS TO CHANGE THE WORLD.
  • And then it’s followed up by a fresh take on Orpheus and Eurydice. Well now.
  • The misdirection of the “What if embryos could telephone each other” speech almost got me, not gonna lie.
  • Dammit – that visual clue of the 3W logo was there all along, and even after having the summary of next week’s episode, I couldn’t twig to it.
  • The episode title is just the technobabble of the week? Doesn’t make sense, surely there must be something more to Dark Water.
  • Still don’t know what 3W is.
  • Stephen Moffat boyfriend-in-refrigeratored Danny Pink!
  • No wonder he was cold, heh heh.
  • The whole deal of Capaldi being a brutally honest and blunt doctor compared to how Smith and Tennant would try to comfort everybody sort of circles around to the thoughts I had around the EconTalk episode about leadership and projecting confidence. But then even Smith had the line about “You know how grownups lie to you when they tell you everything’s going to be fine? Everything’s going to be fine.”


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