[Marbles Lost and Found] S02 E07: Mental Health & Kids Pt 1: Toddlers to Preteens

S02 E07: Mental Health & Kids Pt 1: Toddlers to Preteens

10/09/2019 by IVM Podcasts

Web player: https://podplayer.net/?id=80779260
Episode: http://traffic.libsyn.com/marbleslostandfound/E07S02MarblesLostAndFound.mp3?dest-id=735282

“Just as we had to learn algebra to get better and understand calculus when we reach college, we also have to learn to manage our emotions during our childhood so that we can efficiently make use of those emotions when we enter adulthood”. On this week’s episode, Zain and Avanti are joined by child and adolescent therapist, Gitanjali Palekar to talk about mental health in kids from toddlers to preteens. Gitanjali explains how parents need to recognize the ‘state of agency’ (I am an individual I have my own thoughts, feelings & capacity to have opinions) with their child and not disregard their agency because of a social construct that has been pre-established in society. You can follow the Marbles Lost & Found Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/marbleslostandfound/ Note: The Marbles Lost & Found team strongly recommends seeking professional mental health treatment to anyone who feels they might need it. You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: https://ivm.today/android or iOS: https://ivm.today/ios, or any other podcast app. Check out our website at http://www.ivmpodcasts.com/

Listen Date: 2019-11-30


  • I found myself rolling my eyes a bit at the therapist talking about diagnosis through play therapy. It sounded horrifically like force fitting a narrative on to whatever the child might be doing? He’s ramming a truck into blocks? Showing the violence of bullying. He’s running around the room? Trying to run away from mullies. Dei.
  • The thing about six month olds having a vocabulary of 800 words and just unable to vocalise – sounds fascinating, but how did anybody find this out?
  • All the things about autonomy, and how to talk to people, had me thinking “Eh, everybody knows this, this is standard advice on Reddit also;” and then I had these follow-on thoughts:
    • it’s still bloody hard to overcome instinct and put it into practice
    • Reddit is a bubble in which this mindest must have propagated rapidly; and most people are outside the bubble


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