[Doctor Who] S09E01: The Magician’s Apprentice and S09E02: The Witch’s Familiar

Watch Date: 21 December 2019

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link: The Magician’s Apprentice

IMDb link: The Witch’s Familiar


  • The reveal of Colony Sarff was genuinely terrifying – up until the last point where it devolved into camp. Oh well.
  • Michelle Gomez is delightful as Missy – far more than John Simms – but I am really eyerolling at the idea that the Doctor would want her around on his last day – unless the Watsonian explanation is that he always knew it wouldn’t be his last day and he just needed her around for that extra bit of ruthlessness in his plan. Eh.
  • The retcon of the Doctor saving Davros’s life – very well done as a stable time loop, absolutely meh as an exercise in flogging the dead horse of a long time member of the Rogues Gallery.
  • A Dalek sewer as a Chekhov’s gun. Nice.
  • “You are dying of compassion.” “I wouldn’t die any other way.” Loved it.
  • Davros really sold the “I am happy for you” bit, and I’m wondering if the whole bit of Davros and the Doctor talking about needing a home and a race, is a sort of half-baked examination of “Sometimes nationalism is necessary”.
  • But all in all, this is reflecting my general exhaustion with Batman / Joker, Sherlock / Moriarty mirror protagonist stories. There seems to be very little new to be done with them.
  • And Sherlock and the Doctor Who seem to keep leaking into each other. Last season there was the bit about traveling being an addiction (whether for Clara or the Doctor), and in this two parter there was far more flamboyance than you’d expect considering all the past season.
  • Wearable sonic! Ooooh!
  • The big red Dalek had a different voice, I suppose that’s a tribute to something from the Classic series.
  • “Your chances of surviving are one in a thousand, so forget the thousand and concentrate on the one.” – reminded me of “Here and now, we are alive.” plus a lot of Pratchett in general.
  • Ah, so we get an in-universe explanation for why Daleks shout “Exterminate!” so much.



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