[Doctor Who] S09E03: Under the Lake and S09E04: Before the Flood

IMDb link: Under the Lake


Under a lake a gleaming black spaceship is recovered but there is nothing inside. When the base crew start dying, they discover that ghosts are real. The Doctor and Clara arrive to find the base under siege and the Doctor discovers that this is more than a ghost story.

IMDb link: Before the Flood

In a town that never was, the Doctor and his friends are being stalked by a mysterious figure. With the past and future in the balance, can the Doctor stop the evil Fisher King? And more importantly, who composed Beethoven’s 5th.

Watch date: early January 2019

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India


  • This two-parter seemed too clever by half, what with explicitly mentioning the Bootstrap Paradox, writing in a deaf commander and interpreter (not that I mind it, it just seems to be so ‘Oh, look at me, I’m so clever doing this’), and calling the monster the Fisher King.
  • It could have focused much more on the horror of being killed and turned into a ghost only so an already dead person could use you as a tool for resurrection; but it just meandered away from that trying to be clever with bootstrap paradoxes.
  • What Agatha Christie style pairing up at the end.
  • Overall, a very forgettable two-parter.


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