[Doctor Who] S09E07: The Zygon Invasion and S09E08: The Zygon Inversion

IMDb link: The Zygon Invasion


The fragile peace between the Humans and the Zygons is on a knife edge. Tensions run high as factions within the Zygon community seek to incite violent action against Humans. Called in by UNIT, the Doctor and Clara fight to bring the situation under control. But one question remains: Where on Earth is Osgood?

IMDb link: The Zygon Inversion


With the Zygons invading England, and UNIT neutralized, the Doctor stands alone to stop the Zygons from taking over the entire planet. But how can he stop the Zygons? And how can he save his friends?

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

Watch Date: early January 2020


  • There’s so much to like about this two-parter:
    • Osgood being written so well for somebody who isn’t in the regular cast – it’s so rare that a recurring or one off character is such a delight
    • How insouciantly the show commits to maintaining the low budget appearance of the Zygons
    • The general idealism of the episodes and how it negotiates a peace instead of ending a war
    • (even though there is that slightly awkward moment of the Zygons shape-shifting into the soldiers’ relatives so that they can ambush and kill them)
  • Osgood going ‘I’m me’ in response to ‘Which one are you?’ seems to me to be an echo of Ashildr in the previous episode. Might just be a coincidence, of course.
  • The Doctor being so pleased at getting to ponce around in the big plane was delightful.
  • I’d like a proper game theorist to analyze the Osgood boxes. Heck, maybe somebody’s already done it. Here’s a stackexchange discussion.
  • Considering the Osgood boxes are a variation on Mutually Assured Destruction, that’s a lot of realist talk (right until the end) for such an idealistic two-parter. Which ties into the Macchiavelli episode of Our Fake History that I was listening to and will be blogging a bit later.


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