[Doctor Who] S09E09: Sleep No More

IMDb link.


Vision recovered from the wreckage of Le Verrier Space Station shows how the Doctor and Clara became entangled in a rescue mission. As the footage plays out, a horrifying secret is uncovered.

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

Watch Date: 2020-01-07


  • I don’t actually agree with the Doctor’s moralising about the benefits of sleep. If someone gave me the opportunity to get all the refreshment and other benefits of sleep (on which note, there’s an Infinite Monkey Cage episode I have to log) with just five minutes of sleep, I’d grab at it so that I could use the additional six to seven hours of waking to enjoy like anything.
  • I hated the ending. It was so… R L Stine-ish.
  • I disliked the overall episode too. The supporting cast was so generic and forgettable and had no personalities of their own.
  • In general I spit on Mark Gatiss’ face.

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