[Doctor Who] S10E09: Empress of Mars

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

Watch date: early February 2020

IMDb link.


  • I don’t remember much about this episode now – it’s been more than a month since I watched it. But I did love it, and kept seeing echoes of other episodes in there – Cold War especially. Does Mark Gatiss love doing historical episodes? In both of them, there’s a military team stranded with Ice Warriors. It’s like he had lots of ideas for ice warrior stories, and then split the type of military based on what he couldn’t fit into the first one.
  • In fact, there are other parallels like how there is one junior officer / soldier who screws up everything for everybody else.
  • A British show that doesn’t totally go rah rah over the British empire. That’s unexpected.
  • I seem to like the episode much more than the rest of IMDb did. Oho.


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