[Doctor Who] S10E11: World Enough and Time & S10E12: The Doctor Falls

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

Watch date: early February 2020

IMDb link: World Enough and Time

IMDb link: The Doctor Falls


  • I hadn’t expected the reveal of the time passing slower for Bill than for the Doctor and Missy; and how that explained the growing population – and when it came, I was genuinely bowled over.
  • And while John Simms’ appearance had been spoiled for me by YouTube, I was definitely not expecting the reveal that came at the end of World Enough and Time.
  • Similarly, Bill’s upgrade was truly horrifying, partly because the spoilers of the Christmas special hadn’t prepared me for it.
  • After ten episodes of teasing, that was a lot of character development for both Missy and the Master crammed into two episodes. I think it just about worked, but I also think it would have been better if it had been spread over the season instead of crammed in.
  • The Doctor’s Episode 12 speech is much more moving out of context than in the episode, where the Master sneering at it right after makes it lose its power a bit.
  • The “Doesn’t that take all the fun out of cruelty” line reminds me of the Paul Bloom episode of EconTalk.
  • “Run fast. Laugh hard. Be kind.” Good mantra.
  • I had completely forgotten about Heather, and her showing up at the last minute was also something that bowled me over. What a very well done Chekhov’s gun.


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