Permanent Record [Mary HK Choi]

Source: Brooklyn Public Library Kindle edition

Start Date: 22 March 2020

Finish Date: 26 March 2020


  • On the bright side, I thought the narrative voice here was more energetic and in the moment than it was in Emergency Contact.
  • On the not so bright side – I couldn’t stand the narrator as a person. And I couldn’t stand his love interest either. They were both awful. I get that this is a redemption story, and for that you need to have a redemption from something. But somehow that has led to about 80% of the book having an absolutely unlikeable narrator.
  • What’s with both this and Emergency Contact having the resolution / redemption coming from parental love?
  • I’ve been in the narrator’s place of skiving off from applications or even checking my own grades because of depression. And even then I found him unlikeable. Maybe that’s the point – to show that his buildup of his girlfriend as a distraction from his life is making him a complete fuckup. But it made the book such a drag to get through.
  • For teen romance redemption arc done right, my favourite is the Ruby Oliver books.


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