[Crazy Ex Girlfriend] S01E14: Josh Is Going To Hawaii!

Watch Date: 29 March 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix Summary:

A guilt-ridden Josh tells Valencia what happened. Darryl comes out to the office, and Rebecca discovers she’s bankrupt.


  • My favourite part was Rebecca’s Disney Villainess song. Bi the way was… eh.
  • After thinking that Heather was far too cool in the last episode… well, there it is. But “a test”? Really?
  • I am a little annoyed on Greg’s behalf that he’s being told that screwing up is what he does. I mean, he’s probably the most normal of all the cast – or at least his screwing up happens at the last minute, not the starting position that it is for Josh and Rebecca. But I am curious to see where future episodes and seasons go with Greg.
  • I’m still giggling at the bro-priest, but I think the joke will get tired very soon.
  • Darryl’s subplot other than Bi the Way was really enjoyable.
  • I think CXG is pulling off a season arc while making every episode complete in itself really well.



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