[Crazy Ex Girlfriend] S01E17: Why Is Josh In A Bad Mood?

Watch Date: 1 April 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix Summary:

Rebecca’s fling with Greg puts a strain on her friendship with Paula and causes some unpleasant physical side effects.


  • All the songs seemed to be 80s themed, and except for Josh’s karate montage, both were delightful and worth going back to again and again.
  • Even with the twist that Rebecca suddenly likes Greg, this seems to be a breather episode before the season finale. Especially where the Paula arc was concerned.
  • The whole “stealing the secret pie ingredient” sequence in particular was what functioned as a breather.
  • An episode where Greg does the right thing! And Rebecca is back to doing the wrong thing – though not so much with other people as with herself – not taking any medication, that is.
  • Father Brah is still funny rather than annoying. And seems a bit like a therapist rather than a priest.
  • This is a bit like the mask falling of Josh’s secret asshole personality.


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