[Crazy Ex Girlfriend] S01E18: Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!

Watch Date: 2 April 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix Summary:

Paula confronts Rebecca, Greg calls out Josh, and everything comes to a head when they all end up at Jayma’s wedding.


  • My main feeling is – that was oddly unsatisfying as a finale, and yet the season itself was amazing.
  • I felt a little cheated by how Josh’s dawning horror comes right at the end of the episode (fair enough), but thanks to something which happens in the last five minutes, not the things that’ve been happening over eighteen episodes already. It feels like sixteen episodes built up to the seventeenth and eighteenth, and then all that is thrown away. Meh.
  • But Greg’s finale actually seems in line with all that’s happened so far.
  • Was the show trying to go for Rebecca’s ‘moment’ actually being with Paula; but she didn’t realise that?
  • Time for a pause now! I’ll come back to Season 2 after finishing a season of Sex Education, I think.


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