[Sex Education] S01E02

Watch Date: 6 April 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix Summary:

Egged on by Maeve — and finding that dispensing sex tips is tougher than he thought — Otis tries offering free advice at a classmate’s house party.


  • This was the episode where I fell in love with the soundtrack. Spotify seems to have a playlist put together – unfortunately Google Play Music doesn’t. But Refinery29 has helpfully compiled all the songs that appear.
  • I was ever so slightly amused by Jean in this; as well as by how Adam was so overawed by her. Plus the way she turned down the guy who came over with flowers was glorious.
  • Her telling Adam that he deserves closure checks out with how she herself delivered closure to that dude, in a completely nochalant way. It’s a different matter that he probably wasn’t hoping for that kind of closure. But so it goes. Of course, she also told Adam that he should respect wosshername’s wishes to not see her, and overall nothing went well. Still…
  • The whole “I hate hosting but the other two won’t do it.” delivered so straight was a little piece of delicious judgement fodder.
  • Otis’s party reluctance reminds me of my own, back in those days.
  • I was confused about whether Maeve is pregnant or it’s just a false scare.
  • At the same time, Otis’ and Maeve’s readiness to just jump in and start offering therapy without worrying about whether they’re even qualified or how much they have to go before being qualified makes me envious for the times when I was young and stupid and willing to just dive into things without worrying about whether I was biting off more than I could chew.

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