[Sex Education] S01E03

Watch date: 7 April 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix summary:

Otis’ clinic achieves liftoff, as does his attraction to Maeve, who unexpectedly asks him for help. Eric swings off on his own and fields a come-on.


  • Jean was the most complex character in this. Going from “Not my business” to washing the sheet anyway, and giving it back neatly folded, and along the way telling her whole class about Otis’s ‘accident’. The last episode had me sympathising with her a bit when she went to the party with his inhaler; this one had me losing all that sympathy.
  • The Ruby Oliver books mentioned Elaine using Ruby’s period for her spoken word performances and Ruby losing her shit and insisting on not being mentioned any more. And I think there was one other fictional work with a similar setup. Otis hasn’t had that confrontation, though.
  • Plus a commentary on sharenting in general, just taken to extremes?
  • After the initial honeymoon, I’ve realised that the setups for the jokes are kind of obvious, or not that complicated. Crushing on a guy who turns out to be gay, thinking it’s a date but it turns out to be an abortion, the abortion protestor who’s had so much anal sex, enthusiastic cheering during a talk about third world periods, etc etc. But everybody delivers the setups straight and almost deadpan, and it works brilliantly.
  • Though I’m not too sure about whether Eric’s dad being concerned about his job rather than his being gay and what his mother will think about his being gay is a joke, or just one part of a larger story.
  • The last visitor in the clinic, who just wanted to give the impression of having had sex, made me feel bad, not just for him but for that whole time of life when you obsess about reputation so much. And so did Otis and Eric arguing about whether it was a date or not – I’ve wasted so many years of my life on similar angstalysis instead of just asking straight out.
  • Another thing which I haven’t even experienced personally, but which cut hard was Headmaster Groff calling Jackson “my son” and Adam’s look of resigned rejection.
  • I feel bad for poor Lily too.


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