[Sex Education] S02E03

Watch Date: 18 April 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix Summary:

On her way to surprise Maeve, Aimee gets a horrible shock on the bus. Rahim connects with Eric as a Milburn family dinner gets seriously awkward.


  • I’m not sure that theatre is a super alternative life plan for Jackson compared to swimming.
  • I’m confused about whether Aimee bursting into tears is because her mother’s clueless, or because the shock of the day caught up with her. Was it meant to be ambiguous?
  • Thematic sequel to last season’s episode with the sex tape?
  • The family dinner, I think, was again one of those obvious jokes – though it didn’t play quite that well until “Go to your room!” “I’m sixteen!” “Fine! Well, I’ll go to my room!”
  • “A cum is like a sneeze from a penis.”


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