[Sex Education] S02E05

Watch Date: 18 April 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix Summary:

Otis and Eric get away from romance and retreat to the woods with Remi. But parents aren’t perfect, as Maeve knows. Later, Ola follows her heart.


  • Yikes. Otis’s dad turned out to be almost as much of a villain as Groff.
  • Otis pretty much told Eric clearly what I was vaguely feeling about the whole Adam situation.
  • Poor Ola.
  • Similar to the Otis Eric dialogue clearly saying what I was unable to put into words, Maeve’s outburst at Erin also did. I think I’ve now been reading so many advice subreddits that I can recognise the problems, and whoever was writing this wrote the dialogue to sum it up as well… I’m not being horribly clear right now.
  • Poor Aimee, too.
  • I don’t know if Viv’s outburst at Jackson about his being shallow foreshadows real shallowness coming up; but in this episode, the way he responded to it was kind of classy.


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