[Sex Education] S02E08

Watch Date: 19 April 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix summary:

The talking cure may be failing Otis and Jean as they sort out their issues. A wary Maeve makes the finals. Sexy Shakespeare never goes out of style.
  • The arc I was most relieved with in this episode was Jackson and Viv. I’m delighted that they became friends – giving them a romantic pairing in just three episodes would have been a little too pat.
  • Man, Isaac is super manipulative. But also, with this season through, I find myself caring very little for the Otis / Maeve pairing.
  • Ola and Lily were delightful.
  • The erotic Romeo and Juliet was possibly a step too far beyond disbelief.
  • Otis has done almost everything needed for redemption, except tell Jean that he pinched her notes. Now what?
  • Remi is still an asshole, but even he ended up being of use. Very Gollum in LOTR ish.
  • I’m very worried that the Eric Adam pairing will end up being very painful in the next season.


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