Anna K. [Jenny Lee]

Start Date: 29 April 2020

Finish Date: 3 May 2020

Source: Amazon India Kindle Edition

Goodreads link.

Goodreads summary:

Welcome to the dizzying heights of New York’s Upper East Side: where privilege, partying and scandal rules.

And Anna K knows the rules by heart. Beautiful, rich and popular, she takes care to maintain her status as the perfect girlfriend, daughter and student.

Then a chance encounter at Grand Central station with notorious playboy Alexi ‘Count’ Vronsky changes everything. Anna knows she needs to avoid Alexi, but sometimes fate has other plans . . .

Soon Anna finds it impossible to resist him, and finds herself willing to risk everything she has to be with him – no matter the consequences.

After all, the course of true love never did run smooth . . .


  • I laughed and laughed while reading this. Anna Karenina is funny too, but in a restrained, subtle, Austenian way. Anna K. feels no shame in driving ‘comedy of manners’ past ‘social satire’ and up to ‘blatant social shaming’. Every page has such deliciously unrestrained lampooning that I didn’t bother highlighting anything, there was such an embarassment of riches. Maybe I’ll reread and pick out the best passages later.
  • It did make me remember how much of Anna Karenina I’d forgotten, though. Does Alexei Karenin have a sister in the original? And it was such a relief to finish a retelling of Anna Karenina in a week instead of two years, as with the original.
  • And while Jenny Lee claims that her reason for changing the ending is to not have a heroine absorbing the burden of the world’s shaming, I wonder if making a tragedy less tragic is a very American response.
  • The goodreads reviews are full of comparisons to Gossip Girl. So is the blurb, for that matter. Am I dating myself horribly by saying I made much more of a connection to Cruel Intentions?
  • But it somehow managed to make the characters believable both as teenagers, what with that giddy teenage love, and as analogues of the original characters of Anna Karenina. I’m impressed.
  • The blurb also said that this was perfect for fans of American Royals. Since I hated American Royals and threw it away with great force before I could finish it, it’s clearly perfect for non-fans too.


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