The Satapur Moonstone [Sujata Massey]

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India, 1922. A curse seems to have fallen upon the royal family of Satapur, a princely kingdom tucked away in the lush Sahyadari mountains, where both the maharaja and his teenage son have met with untimely deaths. The state is now ruled by an agent of the British Raj on behalf of Satapur’s two maharanis, the dowager queen and her daughter-in-law.

When a dispute arises between the royal ladies over the education of the young crown prince, a lawyer’s counsel is required to settle the matter. Since the maharanis live in purdah, the one person who can help is Perveen Mistry, Bombay’s only female lawyer. But Perveen arrives to find that the Satapur Palace is full of cold-blooded power play and ancient vendettas.

Too late she realizes she has walked into a trap. But whose? And how can she protect the royal children from the palace’s deadly curse?


  • Not as exciting as The Widows of Malabar Hill. I think Perveen Mistry’s flashback story added a lot to that, which this book missed out on.
  • Not a comment on the book, but a comment on my reading style – I just raced through the book without even bothering to puzzle out the whodunnits. ADHD? Social media induced impatience? Coincidence?
  • Sujata Massey really does not spare mothers in law.
  • Sandringham is a bit like the Kipling style “good colonial man” heros.


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