[Crazy Ex Girlfriend] S02E01: Where is Josh’s Friend?

Watch date: 8 to 9 May 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix Summary:

Paula tries to convince Rebecca that Josh is just using her. Meanwhile, Josh subconsciously feels guilty about betraying Greg.


  • My own reasons for wanting to quit something haven’t been that it made me feel like glitter exploding inside me, but that it made me feel like shit afterwards. And everybody here did feel like shit afterwards; but they got the glitter exploding as well. Does that mean that the things I’ve tried to quit didn’t even have the initial glitter explosion? Social media used to have it. But a lot of video games… eh. I play them just to pass time, not because they make me feel that happy.
  • It’s odd how many things I’ve been watching recently have swung around to addiction as a theme. House. Sherlock Season 3 and 4. Doctor Who Series 9. And now this season pilot. It seems to be in the zeitgeist, or maybe I’m just gravitating to things that feature it out of my own interest. But with DW and CXG, it’s not like I knew beforehand that they were going to talk, however glancingly, about addiction. Maybe it’s just me seeing any self-destructive behaviour as addictive.
  • Either way, I need to read Never Enough soon.
  • The way Rebecca and Josh agreed to give up their bad behaviour – and then immediately did it anyway – is both relatable and terrible. They are awful people.
  • And what a face-turn for Paula! After a whole season of being conniving and having no perspective, she has an epiphany, and is possibly the only one who takes a path of improving herself. Does Greg going to AA count?
  • I miss Season 1’s theme song.
  • Both the musical bits felt familiar but I couldn’t place them. Madonna and 80s pop?


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