[The Good Place] S01E02: Flying

Watch Date: 8 May 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix Summary:

Eleanor wants Chidi to teach her to be a good person, so he insists that she participate in a neighbourhood cleanup instead of learning to fly.


  • I liked the episode, but I think this series is justifying my fears that 22 minute episodes aren’t weighty enough to write about seriously – but I also suspect that by the end of the season I’ll realise that the season was super weighty.
  • Maybe I should switch to three-episodes-at-a-time annotations.
  • I’ve seen Youtube videos of all of Tahani’s name drops; but has anybody compiled all the philosophers whom Chidi names? This episode had Aristotle, Kant, and was it Wittgenstein? I really want to know how accurate the writing is to the actual philosophy – I suspect there probably are articles or reddit threads on that already, but I want to leave those for until I’ve finished the season.
  • The cliffhanger was less interesting than the episode itself. Or maybe I was just far too sleepy.


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