[The Good Place] S01E10: Chidi’s Choice and S01E11: What’s My Motivation

Watch Date: 16 May 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link: Chidi’s Choice

Netflix Summary:

Michael is frustrated by Chidi’s indecisiveness. Eleanor discovers feelings she didn’t realise she had. Jianyu makes a surprising announcement.


  • Chidi’s indecisiveness is a little too close to Shivani’s.
  • This seemed a bit too much like a filler episode; and even the surprising stuff that does happen – Jason and Janet getting married – was just setup for the next episode. Oh well.
  • Eleanor and Tahani becoming grouchy friends is an aww moment.
  • Frozen yogurt metaphors ahahahaha.
  • “It ran for sixteen years and has almost thirty episodes” ahahahahahah.

IMDb link: What’s My Motivation

Netflix Summary:

Eleanor tries to improve her score before the judge arrives. Michael makes a surprising discovery. Chidi asks Eleanor for advice about love.


  • I’m very relieved that the show went with “I love you but not in a hot-for-teacher way”. As another Netflix tagline puts it, “Not every love story is a romance.”
  • After my speculations about how the point systems work; and whether a good act done for selfish reasons counts or not, this episode pretty much comes out and makes it explicit that it doesn’t. But thinking about this a bit further has clarified my thinking on the Adam Smith / Bernard de Mandeville / Oscar Wilde trilemma a bit. Smith comes out in favour of self-interest because it benefits the overall good (“benevolence of the butcher” and so on) while praising the selfless act in its own right – and de Mandeville, that old troll, claims that actual vices are societal positives; and Oscar Wilde taken ad absurdum will suggest that all virtues are just hypocritical signaling. But then The Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant are in such contrast to The Picture of Dorian Grey that maybe I’m misinterpreting Wilde badly.)
  • Poor real Eleanor, getting ditched at such a crucial point.
  • I’m far too uninterested in Jason and Janet to enjoy their subplot.


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