[House] S04E06: Whatever it Takes

Watch Date: 24 May 2020

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.

Prime Video Summary:

House is recruited by the CIA to treat an agent with an illness as mysterious as his previous assignment; the Fellowship candidates race to diagnose a stock car driver.


  • For a high rated episode on IMDb, the top review on there at this point is a negative one ranting about poor direction and Michael Michele (the CIA doctor) being expressionless. I’m disappointed too, but my grumble is more about how oddly paced this is compared to the usual House episodes – and that in turn is because of the writing choices of having the stock car driver mystery be a false flag operation.
  • To add to that rant with nitpicking – even if Brennan wanted to do this weird thing of supercharging polio treatment research… it was 2007. Vaccination coverage was almost 100% and polio had almost been eliminated already. So… why? Couldn’t the writers have picked some other McGuffin disease for him to scapegoat?
  • Other than a mild improvement in the Foreman / House respect level, this didn’t really do anything for character development either.
  • Again, I don’t know if it’s me (or perhaps the weather), but even the last bit of sparring with Cuddy over clinic hours seemed so… off.


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