[House] S04E08: You Don’t Want to Know

Watch Date: 6 June 2020

Watched on: Prime Video India

IMDb link.

Prime Video Summary:

House encounters a magician whose heart failed while performing an underwater escape act. While the remaining fellowship candidates want to diagnose the illusionist, House is determined to prove that he’s a scam artist faking his ailments to cover up the fact that he nearly drowned during his act.


  • The one where it actually is lupus! But with a convoluted red herring of a false blood test, an incorrect blood transfusion, and no “real” symptoms all through the episode.
  • Also the one with Cuddy’s panties. And how Big Love gets thrown out.
  • Poor Kal Penn and his look of betrayal.
  • House wanting to figure out the card trick was a bit like the Doctor in Season 10.


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