[House] S04E12: Don’t Ever Change

Watch Date: late June 2020

Watched on: Prime Video India

IMDb link.

Prime Video Summary:

House treats a newly converted Hasidic Jewish woman after she collapses at her own wedding. Laura Silverman Guest Stars.


  • As medical mystery and solutions go; this was again one of the not terribly interesting ones. It was neither a jaw-dropping wow one, nor something so bizarre that I would mutter ‘jumped the shark’.
  • The more interesting – or rather, frustrating in its inability to be interesting – part of the episode was the examination of religion. We saw a perfectly nice and sincere Hasidic Jew, House be cynical, Taub almost get converted to the religious point of view, and… nothing beyond. The script thought that there were interesting points, and then refused to commit to any of them.


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