[The Baby-Sitters Club] Season 1

Watch Date: end July 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix series summary:

Ann M. Martin’s beloved books get a modern update in this series that follows a group of girlfriends and their homegrown babysitting business.


  • I wasn’t really watching this with a very critical eye. I had just set up footrests for the sofa, making it finally possible for Shivani to watch TV on an actual TV set; and this seemed like something fun we could watch together (short episode lengths, not too much emotional commitment required). And it was excellent destressing television during a pandemic.
  • For all that I didn’t watch it with a critical eye, I still ended up appreciating that the writing was tight and that all the child actors really sold their characters and their character development. Especially Mary Anne Spier and her transformation from doormat to uh… more self-assured and less-doormat, I guess. But even the incremental improvement really seemed significant the way the series and the actor delivered it.
  • Claudia Kishi was a delight to watch. In fact, the actress could play Delight from the original Endless and I would buy it.
  • Stacey was the most boring of the babysitters – and I am kind of surprised that anybody would think diabetes a big enough deal to hide. But oh well.
  • I think it’s also that Stacey had the most boring appearance in the cast – everyone else looked so distinctive that I wanted to draw them. I only ended up drawing Mary Anne, and found Claudia far too challenging to even attempt – but someday.
  • I loved the episode with the destroyed car – it reminds me a bit of the series of comic strips where Calvin wrecks his dad’s car.
  • I don’t think I’ve seen any television about middle schoolers since I was in middle school myself. Wow.
  • Looking back, I now realise that the seriousness escalated pretty quickly. One episode art geekery, the next episode the horrors of Japanese internment camps.
  • I didn’t even realise it was Alicia Silverstone.

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