[Crazy Ex Girlfriend] S02E13: Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?

Watch date: mid August 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix summary:

Rebecca has high hopes for the future when she reunites with her dad. Meanwhile, a secret from her past may come back to haunt her.


  • Well, holy shit. Now, that’s a finale. In terms of closing threads from the beginning of the season that you didn’t even know were open, this is up there with S5 and S6 of Doctor Who.
  • Exercise for the reader: compare and contrast Rebecca’s awful dad with Eleanor’s awful mum from Never Have I Ever.
  • The way the title song was turned around nastily. Bro.
  • Three points on Josh:
    • Thanks to checking ahead on episode summaries, I knew the twist that was coming. The way it came was something else, though.
    • After an episode and a half of setup, Josh showing enough self-awareness to realise that he was running to the first pretty girl around was unexpectedly un-Josh.
    • Good on Josh for not opening the secret dossier.
  • But, man, that dossier.
  • Valencia as wedding organiser remained amazing.
  • That’s two season finales I’ve seen recently involving a California cliff / beach. In very different emotional moods.
  • This makes me excited for Season 3 after a blah midseason.

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