[House] S04E15: House’s Head & S04E16: Wilson’s Heart

Watch date: Late July / early August 2020

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link: House’s Head

Prime Video Summary:

House struggles to recover his memory in the aftermath of a major bus accident in order to save an ailing passenger’s life.

IMDb link: Wilson’s Heart

Prime Video Summary:

House continues to search his memory in order to save a patient with a mysterious condition in the aftermath of a bus accident in Part 2 of the Season Finale.


  • Another major twist spoilered away in all the discussion (and also the summaries in Episode 5…)
  • Looking back on it now, this was House at its most formulaic. And the abridged season didn’t help. It made the Wilson – Amber relationship feel like a shark jump, and for all the guilt that the finale loads on House, it just doesn’t land.
  • I’m amazed at the budget Princeton-Plainsboro has. Surely there must be some fanfic that explains the reason behing it.

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