[Crazy Ex Girlfriend] S03E01: Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge

Watch Date: 1 May 2021

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix summary:

Left at the altar, Rebecca plots her revenge with the help of Heather, Valencia and Paula. Scott pulls out all the stops to rebuild Paula’s trust.


  • Man, it’s been so long since I watched TV and logged afterwards that I can’t tell if this was a boring episode or if I’ve lost the knack for noticing things and paying attention to the plot.
  • Or even appreciating the plot for itself without noticing.
  • I thought the whole Paula – Scott lie detector and contract thing was super cringy and was surprised when it was just left as is and not shown as a time bomb.
  • But yay for Paula feeling horny twice over, I guess. And especially on her terms the second time around.
  • This actually had a lot of plates spinning. Rebecca’s revenge, Paula and Scott, Darrel and Other Josh fighting and making up, Nathaniel. Nothing that got me, what’s the word, invested. But as I said in the first bullet point, maybe I’ve just forgotten how to get invested.

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