Watch Date: 9 May 2021

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix summary:

Patriarchy sucks. Rebel girls are cool. She’s taking a stand, finding her voice – and sparking a revolution at school.


  • Considering how many feminist issues it looked at – harassment, rape, womens’ sports getting a raw deal, dress codes, #MeToo in the background on TV – this could easily have ended up being a laundry list instead of a narrative. But the plot held up well throughout the movie. So very well done.
  • I like the grrl riot punk bands every time I come across them, and then keep managing to forget about them and listen to them more. Oh well. I liked them here as well, but they really seemed to not give a shit about having their lines scan.
  • I think Amaya got a bit of a raw deal in the lines she got – she just did enthusiastic cheerleading of whatever anybody else said. The only time she did anything on her own was at the end – by which time I had already given up on the character.
  • I also wished there had been more exploration of the Lauren character, and the challenge she faced as an introvert in getting involved – plus the other facets of how it would have been so painful for an introvert to join a group instead of just staying one on one. And fine, the Asian immigrant background would have played a part, but I would’ve liked a character in between Vivian and Lauren who was reluctant to get involved not because of her family background, but because of her own personality.
  • Vivian was that character to an extent, but… seeing the whole spectrum of enthusiastic to reluctant participation would have been fun. But seeing a character who got something started and then wanted to simply sit back and not take credit was also fun.
  • Similarly, I wish that we could have seen just why the principal was such a villain. Sheer psychopathy? Laziness and marking time to retirement? Wanting to protect the school (and therefore her own career prospects) from bad PR? How does such an unmotivated principal get a best principal award anyway?
  • Corollary to that, why couldn’t she bust Mitchell’s ass anytime she wanted? If the football team kept losing, it wasn’t like he was bringing that much value to the school.
  • Does a small town sporting goods store make enough money to give away ten thousand dollars every year? How like this? Is there a subtext of bribery in there? Sporting goods guy bribes the principal, principal buys equipment at grossly inflated prices, sporting goods guy writes it off with a ten thousand dollar scholarship; and that’s the reason principal doesn’t want any boat-rocking at all – afraid of what else an audit might find?
  • With thiry minutes to spare, I kind of thought that the climax would be about finding election irregularities in Athlete of the Year and getting a recount. Too much American politics on the brain. But that would have tied in with my sporting goods store bribery conspiracy theory.

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