The Stainless Steel Rat [Harry Harrison]

Date Started: 5 June 2021

Date Completed: 19 June 2021

Source: Amazon India Kindle Store

Goodreads Summary:

In the vastness of space, the crimes just get bigger and Slippery Jim diGriz, the Stainless Steel Rat, is the biggest criminal of them all. He can con humans, aliens and any number of robots time after time. Jim is so slippery that all the inter-galactic cops can do is make him one of their own.

Goodreads: The Stainless Steel Rat


  • I wishlisted this after reading that Moist von Lipwig in the Discworld books was inspired by Slippery Jim diGriz, and finally got around to reading it in second wave blues.
  • It was awful. Leaden writing, and having read the inspired version, this had no surprises for me plot-wise. It took me two weeks to complete because it was so unpleasant to get through.
  • It does have a retrofuturist curiosity about it – coal burning robots, computers exist but they aren’t widely available and you have to book one in advance, personality alteration and pinpoint trait removal seems to be the most interesting technology in the book.
  • Learned from the About the Author that Harrison was the creator of Soylent Green. Aha.

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