Miss Moorthy Investigates [Ovidia Yu]

Date Started: 20 June 2021

Date Completed: 21 June 2021

Source: Amazon India Kindle Store

Goodreads Summary:

Safe, strait-laced 1970s Singapore is terrorised by ‘The Strangler’, a bizarre killer who targets single, successful career women and removes the hands of his victims. Despite the rumours doing the rounds, young Miss Moorthy feels safe as a secondary school teacher. That is, until her colleague, Evelyn Ngui, is murdered and her free-spirited flatmate, Connie, encounters the murderer in their house. Now sensible Miss Moorthy has no choice. She must investigate. Will she pin down the motivations of The Strangler?. Will she understand his association with the naive Evelyn Ngui? Most importantly, will she come out alive, as she stumbles upon forgotten secrets? Find out, as Miss Moorthy handles school students, anxious parents, a stuffed blue rabbit, and possibly, more than one killer, with aplomb.

Goodreads: Miss Moorthy Investigates


  • Argh, I haven’t been logging for so long that I’ve almost forgotten everything about this book. But in this case, that says more about the book than me. I was kind of disappointed with it to begin with, and it has genuinely turned out unmemorable.
  • What I did like about the book: Miss Moorthy. A nightclub singer who disappoints arty parents by becoming a teacher instead – marvelous.
  • The other characters were kind of dreamlike. Especially the murderer. I’m not sure how they all tied together, to be honest.
  • It did seem like more than the murder itself, Ovidia Yu was just writing out how tired she was of seeing philandering husbands.
  • Miss Moorthy works at Mount Emily School, which I was first introduced to in a young adult time travel book called… Mount Emily. Ha. So now I’ve seen Mount Emily as a setting in the 1970s, late 1980s, and 2010s.
  • This actually had fewer Singapore landmarks I could recognise and connect to than The Frangipani Tree Mystery, which was set in the 1930s. So it goes.
  • Having now tried each of Ovidia Yu’s series, the Crown Colony one ends up being my favourite.

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