Zen Attitude [Sujata Massey]

Date Started: 19 July 2021

Date Completed: 20 July 2021

Source: Amazon India Kindle Store

Goodreads Summary:

It’s Tough to Keep Cool When the Heat Is On

Japanese-American Rei Shimura finally has a life to be proud of in Tokyo: running her own antiques business and living with her Scottish lawyer boyfreind. But when Rei overpays for a beautiful chest of drawers, she’s in for the worst deal of her life. The con man who sold her the Tansu is found dead, and like it or not Rei’s opened a pandora’s box of mystery, theft, and murder.

Only Rei sees the Tansu as the key. It will take a quick wit, fast feet, and above all a Zen Attitude for Rei to discover what a young monk, a judo star, and an ancient scroll have in common, and why her own life hangs in the balance.

Goodreads: Zen Attitude


  • After Trouble in Nuala, this was such a pleasure to get through. I finished it in two nights.
  • Rei Shimura is back, and this time has additional problems like being independent in her relationship with the Scottish chap, having to deal with his obnoxious younger brother, and having her antiques business going well up until she gets taken in by a forgery. And then murder.
  • I was very pleased by the twist at the end of the abetting murderer.
  • And I really liked the judoka character. Plus her twist of having a doping scandal in the past.
  • I thought The Salaryman’s Wife was a little rough around the edges, but after just one book Sujata Massey really upped her game.
  • And it was really well done by the conventions of the murder mystery. No last minute introductions but a wide enough cast that guessing the murderer isn’t just playing inky pinky ponky.

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