[EconTalk] Michael Faye and Paul Niehaus on GiveDirectly

Michael Faye and Paul Niehaus on GiveDirectly 06/12/21 by EconTalk: Russ Roberts

Web player: https://podcastaddict.com/episode/132272508

Episode: https://cdn.simplecast.com/audio/6fdba516-8381-43b0-b29f-59d05512b693/episodes/f45a1a18-5337-4a16-ae98-f61ef86a6f74/audio/7f5e7e27-13a4-4eb8-bd67-023ba658a2b1/default_tc.mp3?aid=rss_feed&feed=wgl4xEgL

Economic theory teaches that people make choices that provide them with the greatest benefit. So why not extend this idea to the realm of charity? Economists and social entrepreneurs Michael Faye and Paul Niehaus of GiveDirectly argue that giving people cash with no strings attached is the most cost-effective means of helping the poorest people in the world and their communities.

Listen Date: late January 2022


  • Very little insight, many good stories. Especially about how a tin roof isn’t a luxury good but an essential means to dignity, in Africa.
  • Plus another about how nobody believes them when they come in and say “Take money, no strings attached”.
  • Rarely for EconTalk, this was a “What We Do” episode instead of a “What We Know” one.

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