A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Trilogy [Holly Jackson]

Goodread Links with Read Dates:

  1. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder: January 10 to January 11 2022
  2. Good Girl, Bad Blood: January 11 to January 12 2022
  3. As Good As Dead: January 12 to January 13 2022

Read on: Amazon India Kindle editions, Shivani’s Kindle


  • I practically devoured these books – Shivani lent me her Kindle, and over about three nights at both Chennai and the Kanchipuram they were my bedtime read. They’ve sort of blended together in my head because of that, which is why the combined blogpost.
  • Looking back now – the plots were good, but the characterisation was extraordinary. Protagonist, parents, friends, boyfriends, minor and major antagonists – everybody seemed like a proper person and not just someone to advance the plot.
  • I went into the series with some wariness, thinking this would be the YA lit equivalent of an exploitation movie taking advantage of Serial and other such. And it was, a bit, but not enough to be annoying. It really stands by itself.
  • I’m particularly impressed with how the last book used plot to not only address the improbability of a small town having repeated murders but to clear up Pip (the protagonist)’s own insecurities. So very well done.
  • The only point in that being, what if the twist in the third book hadn’t happened and Pip had not been so convinced that she wouldn’t be taken seriously?
  • There were shades of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in how the villain of the last book was so grotesquely misogynist. But not to the point where I had to suspend disbelief.
  • Applause for how supportive the boyfriend was.

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