The Floating Girl [Sujata Massey]

Start Date: 9 February 2022

Finish Date: 11 February 2022

Source: Amazon India Kindle Store

Goodreads Summary:

Comics, beaches, and college kids collide in Rei Shimura’s fourth Tokyo mystery. Rei, a young American antiques dealer, thinks writing a magazine column on the history of Japanese comic books will boost her reputation. During a weekend at her boyfriend Takeo’s beachside house, she fixes on the perfect subject: an exquisite modern comic that reveals the disturbing social milieu of pre-World War II Japan. But when one of the comic’s young creators is killed, Rei is drawn into Japan’s youth underground. She floats through strip clubs, anime shops and coffeehouses, and ultimately, into the Pacific Ocean itself. But will she get the story before the killer gets her?

Goodreads: The Floating Girl


  • Rei Shimura spends the novel wondering what the hell is going on with anime and why her boss is obsessed about it. Honestly it feels like even Sujata Massey decided to pick anime as a theme and then found she was in over her head. This was such a weird book that just kept meandering.
  • Scottish boyfriend gone, handy Japanese boyfriend in. What is there.
  • Floating Girl punning on Floating World. Very nice. That’s the limit of the niceness, I think.
  • The yakuza connection came practically out of nowhere.
  • Now I’m wondering if the whole book is only to bridge personal changes for Rei.

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