Castle Hangnail [Ursula Vernon]

Start Date: 27 August 2022 (probably after midnight)

Finish Date: 27 August 2022

Goodreads Summary:

When Molly shows up on Castle Hangnail’s doorstep to fill the vacancy for a wicked witch, the castle’s minions are understandably dubious. After all, she is twelve years old, barely five feet tall, and quite polite. (The minions are used to tall, demanding evil sorceresses with razor-sharp cheekbones.) But the castle desperately needs a master or else the Board of Magic will decommission it, leaving all the minions without the home they love. So when Molly assures them she is quite wicked indeed (So wicked! REALLY wicked!) and begins completing the tasks required by the Board of Magic for approval, everyone feels hopeful. Unfortunately, it turns out that Molly has quite a few secrets, including the biggest one of all: that she isn’t who she says she is.

This quirky, richly illustrated novel is filled with humor, magic, and an unforgettable all-star cast of castle characters.


  • Again, I’ve forgotten what prompted me to wishlist this book: probably seeing somebody else shelve it on Goodreads; and I judged the book by its cover
  • This mean that I thought going in that it was young adult, it’s actually a children’s book – and a delightful one. I know what I’m getting my niece for her eighth birthday this year.
  • The illustrations are amazing and I wish there had been more of them.
  • This is another of the “Reddit thread masquerading as book” books I’ve been noticing over the past few years – this one hinges around recognising that nasty people are not your friends – but it’s better done then e.g. Eleanor Oliphant or You Deserve Each Other.

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